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|Main program (up to 5.02)||Daniel de Rauglaudre (ddr)
|Main program (up to 5.02)||Daniel de Rauglaudre (ddr)
|Version 6.xx||Fabien Lheureux (ipfix) @gnt
|Version 6.xx ||Fabien Lheureux (ipfix) @gnt
|Version 7.xx||Julien Sagot (sagotch) @gnt
|Version 7.xx ||Julien Sagot (sagotch), Élie Canonici Merle (canonici), Olivier Pierre (Swrup) @gnt
|Consanguinity and relationship||Didier Rémy
|Consanguinity and relationship||Didier Rémy

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GeneWeb is available thanks to all its contributors. You can contribute to the development of GeneWeb!

  • Test the software and report issues on the GeneWeb GitHub site
  • Write improve or correct the user manual on the wiki, add images.
  • Translate the lexicon interface into your own language.
You may find on the GeneWeb GitHub repository a folder containing files of the form lex_ll.txt where ll is the two letter code for your favorite language. Its content is self explanatory, and if you submit a PR with your new entries (or send it through any means of your choice), it will eventually be integrated into the main repository.
A similar set of files for the gwsetup tool can be found here.
Report as an issue on the GitHub site your willingness to help translate if you do not find your language file in those folders.
  • Help others on the various medium of communications of the project:
    • the mailing list
    • the IRC #geneweb chat on Freenode (webchat!)
    • the Geneanet forum, (Geneanet > Accueil du forum > Forums français > Discussions généalogiques > Logiciels de généalogie > GeneWeb)
    • the Facebook Fb.gif group!

GeneWeb Credits


Main program (up to 5.02) Daniel de Rauglaudre (ddr)
Version 6.xx Fabien Lheureux (ipfix) @gnt
Version 7.xx Julien Sagot (sagotch), Élie Canonici Merle (canonici), Olivier Pierre (Swrup) @gnt
Consanguinity and relationship Didier Rémy
Relationship by shortest path Louis Granboulan
Several contributions in the code Ludovic Ledieu, Mehdi Bouaziz, Henri Gouraud, Gaël Linder
List of all GitHub contributors
Calendars conversions Scott E. Lee, Rémy Pialat
Linux rpm spec file Dan Kegel
Graphic design Emmanuelle Visseaux
Template a-h (6.xx) Dominique Deram
Template m Mickaël Rouesné (gwmr)
Feedbacks from Roglo Christian Gennerat (xgen)
Debian/Ubuntu package maintainer Christian Perrier, Guillaume Brochu

Interface translation

  • French: Daniel de Rauglaudre
  • Afrikaans: Louis Kruger, Helge-Mari Loubser
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Paulo Francisco Sedrez
  • Breton: Tepod Gwilhmod, Gwenael Emilianoff, Bertrand Yeurcʼh
  • Bulgarian: Dimiter Skordev
  • Catalan: Jaume Ramisa Elias
  • Chinese: Yang Xiao
  • Corsican: Patriccollu di Santa Maria è Sichè
  • Czech: Hanus Adler, Petr Slansky
  • Danish: Hans Albeck
  • Dutch: Joris Esch, Wijnand J. Nijs
  • Esperanto: Thomas Ailleret
  • Estonian: Hanno Kuus
  • Finnish: Antti Alfthan
  • German: Markus Mottl, Falko Trojahn, Thomas Omerzu, Gerriet Backer, Marcus Zelezny
  • Hebrew: Jonathan Marder, Ruth Marder
  • Icelandic: Ólafur Sigurgeirsson
  • Italian: Raffaele Sena, Daniel Hirschkoff, Latino Imparato, Mauro Masseroni
  • Latvian: Janeks Kamerovskis
  • Norwegian: Brynjulf Langballe
  • Occitan: Jean-François Blanc
  • Polish: Sebastian Tuszynski
  • Portuguese: Yves Guignard, Oscar Filipe de Oliveira Barroso, Jose Paulo Moitinho de Almeida
  • Spanish: Cristina Cornes, Micaela Mayero, Cesar Muñoz, Eduardo Gimenez, Luis Castro Guzman, Frank Komarek
  • Romanian: Erich Müller
  • Russian: Konstantin Abakumov
  • Slovak: Ondrej Blazo
  • Slovenian: Mitja Iskric
  • Swedish: Lars Gustavsson, Stig Petersson, Bertil Englund, Jens Arvidsson, Claes Nordin


  • Daniel de Rauglaudre
  • Dutch: Joris Esch
  • German: Falko Trojahn
  • Swedish: Lars Gustavsson
  • about GeneWeb source file format: Yann Corno
  • all contributors of this wiki!

Misc tools

  • h-trees python script: Henri Gouraud