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This convention used for shorts dates on individual records and on other GeneWeb pages is:

1935-1950 = born in 1935, died in 1950
1935-     = born in 1935, not dead (still alive)
1935 +    = born in 1935, died unknown date
1935      = born in 1935, don't know if dead or not
+1950     = died in 1950, unknown birth date

When a date is not exact:

/1935        = before 1935
1935/        = after 1935
ca 1935      = about 1935
?1935        = perhaps in 1935
1935/1938    = in 1935 or in 1938
1935..1938   = between 1935 and 1938

Shortcuts for dates

Several shortcuts are available in the year field for qualifying a date:

  • ?1912 “maybe in 1912”
  • >1912 or 1912/ “after 1912”.
  • <1912 or /1912 “before 1912”.
  • ~1912 or /1912/ “about 1912”.
  • + “deceased” (unknown date).
  • - “alive”.

Other shortcuts in templm

The following features are available with the templm template.

About, or, between, textual date

The following shortcuts are managed by templm in the year field of dates of individuals and families:

  • 1912// “about 1912 ” (equivalent to /1912/).
  • 1912/1913 “in 1912 or in 1913”.
  • 1912.1913 “between 1912 and 1913”
  • texte replaces the date by the text provided.

The second date required for “or” and “between” may include days and month information:

  • 1 7 1912/1/8/1912 “July first or August first 1912”.
  • 7 1912.2/1913 “between July 1912 and February 1913”.

Computations in the year field

Additions and subtractions can be performed in the year field at capture time. For instance, to capture the birth year of a person “66 years old at the wedding of his daughter in 1849”, one can enter 1849-66 which will be immediately translated into /1783/ when the field is exited.

Day and month capture, date verification

If the day and month information is supplied as two digits (with possibly a leading “0”), then it is not necessary to Tab into the next field. 04071776 will spread the correct information across the three fields. The fields are cleared after the capture if the date is not coherent (verification of 29/30/31 according to the month and bissextil years).

French Republican calendar

For the months of the republican calendar, abbreviations are VD, BR, FM, NI, PL, VT, GE, FL, PR, ME, TH, FT and JC or numbers from 1 for vendémiaire (VD) to 13 for the complémentaire month (JC). Clicking on an empty month field and typing the first letter will propose the possible alternatives.

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