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GeneWeb can maintain the separation of source files for a base across multiple files. When several source files are merged, GeneWeb records the information origin and is capable to return data to the proper file later.

Recreating multiple source files from a base

Assume you have created a base from three source files toto.gw, dupont.gw et titi.gw with the command:

gwc toto.gw -sep dupont.gw -sep titi.gw -o mergedbase

To save a modified base back to theses separate source files in a folder named outdir, use the command gwu :

gwu mergedbase -odir outdir

Ifoutdir does not exist, create it beforehand with mkdir outdir.

Modifications made to your base will be recorded in those fresh source files. If gwu produces some output, it means that it cannot associate some modification to any of the original files (typically, creation of a new family). In this case redirect this output to a new additionnal .gw source file and use it later to reconstruct your full base. You can also manually edit this new file into the others with a text editor, provided you follow the GWformat.

gwu mergedbase -odir outdir > newdata.gw

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