Installer GeneWeb sur un hébergement à compte multiples avec CGI

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(a traduire)

A shared hosting account have some restrictions :

  • Daemon mode is forbidden, or cannot be activated. So you must use CGI mode.
  • You must fit in the server environment : OS version, libraries, installed packages.
  • The OS version is generally a stable version, but not the latest version.

Download a GeneWeb package

  • Btn lin.png made for recent Linux distribution
  • Geneweb distribution made with Linux Debian Sarge, and currently running on 1&1 hosting.

Directories and files

The following applies to 1&1 hosting, and may differ on other hosting services:


The directories

Beside the CGI-root directory

mybases The bases directory

In the CGI-root directory

basesxg An alternative bases directory
css A copy of the gw/css directory. This directory is used by the Apache server.
gw The gw directory of the Geneweb distribution

No change, except give the "exec" permission on the files gw/gwd, gw/gwsetup, and files used by gwsetup (gw/gwc*, gw/gwu,gw/consang, gw/update_nldb) The gwd.arg file is *empty*.

gwenv The gw directory of the Geneweb-5 distribution

On this web site, we can easily switch between the 2 last versions of GeneWeb.

igw The images directory for Geneweb-5
images A directory where copies of gw/images/gwback.jpg, gw/images/gwlogo_bas.png
pub A directory where are readable copies of the CGI scripts (this website is a demo site):
LICENSE.txt Text of the standard GeneWeb license
LIZEZMOI.txt Some instructions (in french)
README.txt Some instructions (english)
START.htm A web page to start GeneWeb
gw6.cgi The CGI script which launches GenWeb-6
gw5.cgi The CGI script which launches GenWeb-5
gwsetup.cgi  ???????
issue6.cgi A test script which displays information about the environment of the GeneWeb-6 server (checks the gwd binary file : size and md5sum)
issue5.cgi The same script, but for the GeneWeb-5 version

Parameters of the CGI script


Main settings :

  • 1 get the CGI working directory
  • 2 language for the user interface
  • 3 where the executable files are
  • 4 where the documentation sits !! (probably obsolete)
  • 5 where the bases reside. This folder does not need to be accessible by the HTTP server.
It must be protected either by a .htaccess file, or by a location out of the HTTP server scope.
  • 6 although called DAEMON, gwd is not running un -daemon mode!!
  • 7 a log file is useful when there are problems, but do not forget to delete it after downloading.
OPTIONS="-blang -robot_xcl 40,70 -max_clients 15 -conn_tmout 120 -min_disp_req 30 -images_url"
# -allowed_tags $GENEWEBDB/tags.txt

Options and launching

-robot_xcl to protect your data from HTTrack or WebSite Extractor
-conn_tmout for statistics on the bottom line
-images_url icons and images are not sent by GeneWeb, but by your HTTP server (not CGI).
-allowed_tags another useful option, if you use HTML tags not in default_good_tag_list
  • 3 cd $GENEWEBSHARE (probably not needed)
  • 4 launch gwd execution