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Running Geneweb in a Docker container

Download and install docker for your operating system from Docker.

To download the latest Dockerized image of Geneweb, open your favourite terminal and execute:

 docker pull jeffernz/geneweb:latest

The above command will download the latest Dockerized image of Geneweb. The image is built on top of Ubuntu:19.04

To run the Geneweb docker image as a container, run:

 docker run -d \
   --name jeffernz-geneweb \
   -p 2316:2316 -p 2317:2317 \
   -v ~/GenealogyData:/usr/local/var/geneweb \

This will now launch the Geneweb portal at http://localhost:2317 and the Geneweb setup portal at http://localhost:2316

To run the Geneweb portal by itself, the command is:

 docker run -d \
   --name jeffernz-geneweb \
   -p 2317:2317 \
   -v ~/GenealogyData:/usr/local/var/geneweb \
   jeffernz/geneweb:latest \

To run the Geneweb Setup by itself, the command is:

 docker run -d \
   --name jeffernz-geneweb \
   -p 2316:2316 \
   -v ~/GenealogyData:/usr/local/var/geneweb \
   jeffernz/geneweb:latest \

Additional running options

We can provide additional run time options when you run the docker Geneweb image

To run Geneweb in a different language (default is set to english):


To change the host ip-address when accessing Geneweb Setup portal

 -e HOST_IP=

To run GeneWeb in a different timezone. This is useful if you want to look at history of the edits and determine the correct time it was made for your timezone.

 -e TZ=Australia/Melbourne

Geneweb bases storage

Once you run Geneweb in the dockerized container, the bases created in Geneweb will be stored under:


Export as GEDCOM

To backup your bases on a running container:

docker exec -it jeffernz-geneweb

The backup will be stored under


Import from GEDCOM

To import a GEDCOM file into GeneWeb, place the GEDCOM file under ~/GenealogyData/import and then execute the import command on the running instance. e.g.

 docker exec -it jeffernz-geneweb

This will import the GEDCOM file into GeneWeb. Note, all GEDCOM files in the import folder will be imported. Make sure you remove older files to prevent the database from being overwritten.

GeneWeb Manual

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Use and manage genealogical databases

Technical annex