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Running Geneweb in a Docker container

Download and install docker for your operating system from Docker.

To download the latest Dockerized image of Geneweb, open your favourite terminal and execute:

 docker pull jeffernz/geneweb:latest

The above command will download the latest Dockerized image of Geneweb. The image is built on top of Ubuntu:19.04

To run the Geneweb docker image as a container, run:

 docker run -d \
   --name jeffernz-geneweb \
   -p 2316:2316 -p 2317:2317 \
   -v ~/GenealogyData:/usr/local/var/geneweb \

This will now launch the Geneweb portal at http://localhost:2317 and the Geneweb setup portal at http://localhost:2316

To run the Geneweb portal by itself, the command is:

 docker run -d \
   --name jeffernz-geneweb \
   -p 2317:2317 \
   -v ~/GenealogyData:/usr/local/var/geneweb \
   jeffernz/geneweb:latest \

To run the Geneweb Setup by itself, the command is:

 docker run -d \
   --name jeffernz-geneweb \
   -p 2316:2316 \
   -v ~/GenealogyData:/usr/local/var/geneweb \
   jeffernz/geneweb:latest \

Additional running options

We can provide additional run time options when you run the docker Geneweb image

To run Geneweb in a different language (default is set to english):


To change the host ip-address when accessing Geneweb Setup portal

 -e HOST_IP=

To run GeneWeb in a different timezone. This is useful if you want to look at history of the edits and determine the correct time it was made for your timezone.

 -e TZ=Australia/Melbourne

Geneweb bases storage

Once you run Geneweb in the dockerized container, the bases created in Geneweb will be stored under:


Backing up the bases

To backup your bases on a running container:

docker exec -it jeffernz-geneweb

The backup will be stored under


GeneWeb Manual

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Use and manage genealogical databases

Technical annex