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GeneWeb is a genealogy software with a web interface created by Daniel de Rauglaudre. It can be installed locally on a stand-alone machine and on any web server.

GeneWeb is a free software distributed with a GNU General Public License and supported on Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Your participation is fully welcome if you want to contribute.

Web architecture

GeneWeb behaves as a HTTP server, and provides its interactive user interface through any web-browser including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. It can be installed:

In both cases, GeneWeb accepts, as does any HTTP server, multiple simultaneous requests. In the case where several of the requests implies an update of the base, appropriate locking mechanisms will prevent conflicting access, possibly requiring re-submit of some of the requests.

GeneWeb creates new HTML pages from its data bases for each request.

Data Privacy

Wizard Access Right allows selected members to view and edit all of your genealogy data. The password can be changed at any time.

Friend Access Right allows a larger group (family and friends) to view your genealogy data but not to edit it. The password can be changed at any time.

People which are not wizards nor friends will not see data about persons born less than 150 years ago unless this is explicitly allowed.

Both for Wizards and Friends, passwords can be either global (single password for one base) or individual (one password per person).

Multilingual Interface

GeneWeb has a multilingual interface currently translated into the following languages: German, English, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish.

You can edit translations and you can translate the interface into your own language.

Spelling Variations

GeneWeb will find the spelling variations of the name you have entered in the search form, for example:

  • Juan Carlos de Borbón
  • John Charles Bourbon

You can search a woman by her maiden name and her married name.

Titles of Nobility

You can add a title of nobility and a year range, for example: Henry VII, king of England, 1485-1509. It allows you to search individuals by title of nobility and to display a timeline.


A free format zone is associated with each individual. One can enter text adorned with HTML and/or WiKi style formatting, references to other individuals in the base and images or link to images (see images).

A WiKi style mechanism allows you to create secondary pages to add information about an individual, a family or a place. These pages can be linked to individuals in your family tree.

GeneWeb maintains an inverse table showing you where in the base a particular page or individual is referenced.

User-Defined Interface

You can change many of the UI parameters such as background color, background image, text colour and default language using the gwsetup web interface.

For more global changes in the UI, a "template" mechanism provides a choice of UI style and content directly accessible from the URL.

The even more adventurous programmer can customize, with a GeneWeb specific programming language of sorts, the various files of a template and build his own.


GeneWeb displays todays and upcoming birth, death and wedding anniversaries. It also shows some statistics about the base: oldest persons, and recent weddings or deaths.

This information can be viewed by 'Wizard' and 'Friend' users.

GeneWeb version 6.08 and later maintains a list of personal and family events with dates, witness, notes and sources for each event.

Relationship and Consanguinity Calculator

GeneWeb comes with an efficient relationship and consanguinity calculator developed in collaboration with Didier Rémy, Research Director at INRIA.

The relationship calculator calculates the family relationship between two persons who share one or more common ancestors. It displays the lines from the two persons to the common ancestors and the type of relationship: cousin, once-removed, twice-removed, etc.

The consanguinity rate is 25% for siblings, 6.25% for first cousins, etc. It can help to understand inbreeding in families. For example, the consanguinity rate of the parents of Charles II of Spain was 25.26% because of multiple inbreeding marriages and though they were not siblings.

GeneWeb is one of the few genealogy softwares that can calculate relationship and consanguinity rate.

GEDCOM Import/Export

GeneWeb can import and export genealogy data in GEDCOM file format.

Any GEDCOM data not compatible with GeneWeb is preserved in the "notes" area associated with each person.

Sample Family Tree

A sample family tree that contain more than 6 million unique individuals can be accessed at:

GeneWeb supports unlimited entry of individuals, families and events.

One web service can support any number of genealogy databases.