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A TODO list for GeneWeb. Any Help is welcome!

The open source project

  • import previous online documentation and images from
  • add what can be saved of old doc in other languages (at least main european lang de/sp/…)
  • (install Extension:Translate for an “automatic” translation of the wiki)
  • update syntax and link on pages
  • update pages content with incoming 7.0 
  • more illustrations
  • add HOW TO pages for GW compilation under Windows that can be tricky
  • add more doc for templm
  • expend FAQ with users problems on ML and forum
  • try to compile/setup a GeneWeb updated test base on Tuxfamily server (or somewher else) with edit right so people can play with GeneWeb without installing
  • advertise the new doc/wiki for 7.00 release !!
  • try to migrate the old Yahoo ML to Tuxfamily (to get rid of Yahoo spam banner…!, and own our ML!!)
  • (install a phpBB multilang forum for GW endusers?)
  • give more details about the different Github repos and branches, see :

GeneWeb itself

  • Think about the strategy to follow for the "relations bug with gwu" (, which is "release critical", as it can cause data loss (impossibility to export clean .gw files for databases that use relations).
  • Recode permutations of event and implement the tool in templates.
  • RELEASE 7.00 beta
  • Rework bases tree for an easier to understand base archiving/backup process.
  • Find solution to manage better CSS/js files (not txt templates files), especially in CGI mode.
  • Get gwc2 working.
  • find camels and keep them working! :)
  • RELEASE 7.00.
  • maintain a rhythm for 7.xx releasing with updated changelog for people that can't compile Geneweb themselves

Links for Wiki dev

Others ressources