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TODO list for GeneWeb (HELP WANTED):

  • import previous online documentation and images from
  • add what can be saved of old doc in other languages (at least main european lang de/sp/…)
  • (install Extension:Translate for an “automatic” translation of the wiki)
  • update syntaxe and link on pages
  • update pages content with incoming 7.0 
  • more new gw illustrations with templ clp + nice CSS !
  • add HOW TO pages for GW compilation under Windows that can be tricky
  • add doc for templm+templ clp
  • expend FAQ with users problems on ML and forum
  • try to compil/setup a GeneWeb updated test base on Tuxfamily server (or somewher else) with edit right so people can play with GeneWeb without installing
  • advertise the new doc/wiki for 7.00 release !!
  • try to migrate the old Yahoo ML to Tuxfamily (to get rid of Yahoo spam banner…!, and own our ML!!)
  • (install a phpBB multilang forum for GW endusers?)
  • RELEASE 7.00 promoting events + wiki + templclp
  • maintain a rhythm for 7.xx releasing with updated changelog for people that can't compile Geneweb themselves
  • find camels and keep them working! :)

Links for Wiki dev

Others ressources