Expected roadmap for Geneweb 7.00

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Roadmap for GeneWeb 7.00

  • merge and add conditional compilation for the branch API
  • use Bootstrap as CSS framework
  • use OCaml instead of Camlp5.
  • use Dune build system.
  • code cleanup (remove old code: non utf-8 base)
  • compile connex.ml with distrib and add option to generate connex.txt note automatically after import if perl is present (see how it helped a lot on Roglo).
  • handle event in second database format gwc2 (remove old gwc stuff).
  • rework bases tree for an easier to understand base archiving/backup process.
  • RELEASE 7.00 beta.
  • announce the beta release with new wiki/git, ask for tests and feedback.
  • improve templates based on the feedback.
  • prepare the necessary tools for the migration.
  • RELEASE 7.00 stable.

TODO list for GeneWeb. Any Help is welcome!

The open source project

  • add what can be saved of old doc in other languages (at least main European lang de/sp/…)
  • (install Extension:Translate for an “automatic” translation of the wiki)
  • update syntax and link on pages
  • update pages content with incoming 7.0, add more illustrations
  • add HOW TO pages for GW compilation under Windows that can be tricky
  • add more doc for templm !
  • expend FAQ with users problems on ML and forum
  • try to migrate the old Yahoo ML to Tuxfamily (to get rid of Yahoo spam banner and own our ML)
  • install a (phpBB ?) multilang forum for GW end users
  • stay in contact with Debian and Ubuntu package maintainers and keep in mind the deadlines for the next major releases (https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/geneweb, http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/geneweb)
  • write a tutorial about how to use Geneweb WITHOUT the daemons automatically launched by the Linux distro at startup, using the two commands scripts (gwd and gwsetup), like people do in Windows. (for example, see : http://www.geneanet.org/forum/?topic=530250.0 and http://www.geneanet.org/forum/?topic=531410.msg1048646#msg1048646)