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I had problems following the instructions about inserting images in notes because I did not realize that "bases" was a symbolic name representing the folder where the structure of folders with specific genealogy data starts. I thought "bases" was an exact folder name.

I now realize that the word "bases" link back to the installation instructions and folder information, but it was not apparent to me initially.

I suggest that a specific notation is used for names that may be different in the real installations. E.g. use italics for such names as bases and base and mybase And explain what it means on the same page.

//I made proposed edits on the page for the above issue //

Also on this page, I suggest to insert a couple of words about that the folders to store images for notes may need to be created.

The paragraph about the tags.txt file need to be checked. Where is this file? Or does it not exist in version 6.08 ? The wiki and links work for notes, but I cannot find the file tags.txt

The tags.txt file is not mandatory, and can probably be located at various places as its pathname is supplied to gwd at start time with the parameter -allowed_tags. The documentation needs to eb clarified on this point. thanks for the comments.Henri83 (talk) 22:39, 30 November 2016 (CET)