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(Update pages)
(Update pages)
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* zones (one person, one event, a note).
* zones (one person, one event, a note).
* fields (one or more lines where text can be entered).
* fields (one or more lines where text can be entered).
* tick-marks
* checkboxes
* buttons
* buttons
* radio buttons
* radio buttons

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Start page

Starting page for GeneWeb.
Welcome page for a base.

GeneWeb offers a general purpose web based interface to its users. Any standard browser can be used to access a GeneWeb base, either on your Personal computer or on a remote server.

After a fresh install and a launch of the appropriate start command (depending on your environment, see xxx), a simple startup page will propose to:

  • open a GeneWeb base
  • open the GeneWeb management tool

Welcome page

Opening a base will display a welcome page organized into:

  • a search area used to explore the base
  • a tool area for reports and tools

The welcome page offers the possibility to change the global appearance of the pages through the selection of a template (in most cases, template selection will not be visible until a personal page is displayed). The template selection is maintained across the navigation through the base, and can be changed at any time, either thought a visible button, or by typing directly in the URL the text templ=template_name;.

The welcome page offers also the possibility to select another language for the user interface.

  • GeneWeb 5.02 offered this through a set of country flag icons.
  • GeneWeb 7.00 offers a set of 9 buttons for frequently used languages.

At any time, the language changed may be changed, either thought a visible button, or by typing directly in the URL the text lang=xx; where xx is the two letter code (ISO 639-1) of the language of your choice.

All the wordings of the user interface which goes through the translation process (some rare texts might escape this) are kept in a lexicon (gw/lang/lex-utf8.txt which is editable is some translation were not of your liking.

Individual pages

Personal page of Rainier Grimaldi with default template.

Individual pages display personal data associated with a person in a format which greatly depends on the template you have chosen. Most of the data on the page is "clickable" and will follow a link to another individual, or trigger the display of a list. Tools are provided in a format which depends on the GeneWeb version you are using:

  • GeneWeb 5.02: a tool-box at the bottom of the page (template templ502)
  • GeneWeb 6.08 and later: a pull-down cascaded menu bar at the top of the page

A set of six views of the same page with templates c, d, f, h, m and 502. Note that templm brings its full power through its update froms!

Update pages

All data capture is performed through pages containing HTML forms organized into:

  • zones (one person, one event, a note).
  • fields (one or more lines where text can be entered).
  • checkboxes
  • buttons
  • radio buttons
  • pull-down menus

Template templm offers a large set of keyboard shortcuts facilitating navigation within families and in the base during update sessions.

Update page for Rainier (default template).
Update page for Rainier (templm).