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! Screenshots are made under Windows 7 and may change a bit depending on your Windows version. !

Download and run setup

Download GeneWeb for Windows and click on downloaded file.

Geneweb 6.00 install icon.

When you run the install program, the “Open file - Security Warning” dialog may appear as shown in the figure below. Click “Run”.

“Open File - Security Warning” on Windows 7.

Select the setup language


Click “Next”.


License Agreement

Accept the License Agreement then click “Next”.


Destination folder

Click “Browse” to select the destination location to install GeneWeb. Otherwise, leave the default setting and click “Next”.


Shortcurts location

Select Start Menu Folder for GeneWeb's shortcuts location. By default all shortcuts are located in 'GeneWeb 6.00'.


Desktop icon

Select “Create a Desktop Icon” to create a shortcut on your desktop, then click “Next”.


Ready to install

Click “Install” to continue with the installation, or click “Back” if you want to review or change any settings.


Completing setup

Click “Finish” to launch GeneWeb.


Allow firewall

When you launch GeneWeb for the first time, you need to allow access to gwd and gwsetup programs to the firewall of your computer.


GeneWeb is installed

If you have checked last three options of the setup, gwd and gwsetup are launched and the following page will be shown in your default web browser.

Geneweb etape finale.jpg

GeneWeb Manual

Rembrandt Old Man Reading a Book.jpg

Use and manage genealogical databases

Technical annex