Uploading a base on a shared hosting account

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# Version 1, 24/10/2015, Henri

# Usage : update-base base_name [ images | src ]

# This shell script executes scp and ssh commands with the remote server
# This requires (?) that you have installed a pair of private/public keys on both machines
# See "ssh with key pairs" on the web

# An alternative to key pairs is to send password information with the commands
# To do this, add ":password" after the username in each occurence of USER@SERVER
# as in my_user_name:my_password@my_server_name
# Be aware that password is sent in cleartext !!

SERVER="your server name"
USER="your user name on your server"
ADDRESS="your e-mail address"  # to which error report will be sent

VERS="7.00-Mac"                             # GeneWeb version
VERS_S="7.00"                               # GeneWeb version on server
GENEA="$HOME/Genea"                         # Home for genealogy files
BASES_PC="$GENEA/GeneWeb-Bases"             # Bases location on PC
BASES_SERVER="GeneWeb/bases"                # Bases location on server
BIN_DIR="$GENEA/GeneWeb/GeneWeb-$VERS/gw"   # Binaries (gwd, gwc, ...) location

  # Function. Parameter 1 is the return code
  # Para. 2 is text to display on failure.
  if [ "${1}" -ne "0" ]; then
    echo "ERROR # ${1} : ${2}"
    # as a bonus, make our script exit with the right error code.
    exit ${1}

# define BASE

if [ "$BASE" = "" ] || [ "$BASE" = "-h" ] || [ "$BASE" = "-help" ]
  echo "Usage : update-base base_name [ images | src ]"
  echo "    if 'images' or 'src' are present, only the corresponding folders will"
  echo "    be copied in totality to the server"

if [ "$FILES" = "images" ] || [ "$FILES" = "src" ] 
  # copy images files to server
  echo "Sending $FILES for $BASE to $SERVER"
  sed s/BASE/$BASE/g < $GENEA/remote-files.txt | \
  sed s/ADDRESS/$ADDRESS/g   > ./remote.sh
  touch ./$FILES.tmp
  tar cf ./$BASE-files.tar $BASE ./remote.sh ./$FILES.tmp
  scp ./$BASE-files.tar $USER@$SERVER:$BASE-files.tar
  ssh $USER@$SERVER "tar xf $BASE-files.tar; chmod +x ./remote.sh; ./remote.sh"
  rm -f ./remote.sh
  echo "Done sending $FILES for $BASE to $SERVER"

mot="n" # default is "no"
# Verify that the images and src/images folder are up to date. 
if [ $LANGUE = "fr" ] 
  echo "Cette procédure ne met pas à jour les deux dossiers images"
  echo "Le message de compte-rendu signale les différences dans les dossiers images du serveur et du PC"
  echo "Vous pouvez cependant continuer"
  echo "Continuer? [o/n]"
  echo "This procedure does not update the two images folders"
  echo "It returns through mail a report indicating differences between the server and the PC"
  echo "You may nonetheless proceed"
  echo "Proceed? [y/n]"
read mot
if [ "$mot" = "n" ] # or "$mot" = ""

echo "Producing a fresh $BASE.gw in *BASES_PC (gwu)"
$BIN_DIR/gwu ./$BASE -o $BASE.gw > comm.log
check_errs $? "Gwu failed on $BASE, see $BASES_PC/comm.log for details "

# Take a copy of current change history to send to server
cp -f ./$BASE.gwb/history .

# Create a content listing for the images and person images folders
cd   $BASES_PC/src/$BASE
ls > $BASES_PC/ls-src-files.txt
cd   $BASES_PC/src/$BASE/images
ls > $BASES_PC/ls-images.txt
cd   $BASES_PC/images/$BASE
ls > $BASES_PC/ls-personnes.txt

# Build a command file to be executed on the server
sed s/BASE/$BASE/g < $GENEA/remote-base.txt | \
sed s/VERS_S/$VERS_S/g | \
sed s/ADDRESS/$ADDRESS/g > ./remote.sh

echo "Building remote.tar (remote.sh $BASE.gw history s-personnes.txt ls-images.txt ls-src-files.txt)"
tar cf ./$BASE.tar ./remote.sh ./$BASE.gw ./history ./ls-personnes.txt ./ls-images.txt ./ls-src-files.txt

echo "Sending remote.tar"
scp ./$BASE.tar $USER@$SERVER:$BASE.tar
echo "$BASE.tar sent"
# Execute a remote command on the server
#     un-tar the file just sent, make remote.sh executable and execute it
ssh $USER@$SERVER "tar xf $BASE.tar; chmod +x ./remote.sh; ./remote.sh"
echo "Tar xf done; remote.sh executed"

echo "Cleanup (on local machine)"
rm -f ./remote.* ./history ./ls-*.txt

echo "Done updating $BASE on $SERVER"