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The folder of the databases should contain the same information structure as in the case of an installation on a personal computer. Its location is, by default, within the distribution folder with the name /bases, but it can be located elsewhere and named otherwise according to your preferences. Similarly, the choice of names for your bases and .auth files is unconstrained.

In each of the etc, images, lang and src folders, sub-folders carrying the name of the base mybase.gwb hold the specific data for each base.

  • directory distribution
    • directory bases: The folder containing the GeneWeb bases.
      • directory mybase.gwb: folder for base named mybase.
      • file mybase.gwf: associated .gwf parameter file.
      • file base-f.auth: as many wizards and friends authorisation files as specified for each base in their respective .gwf parameter file.
      • directory mybase2.gwb
      • file mybase2.gwf
      • file mybase2-w.auth
      • directory cnt: holding the robot file, locks, and memorising the access counts for each base
          • file actlog
          • file robot
          • file mybase.txt mybase access counts
          • file mybase.lck mybase blocked addresses
      • directory etc: used in priority over the generic gw/etc files (see templates)
        • directory mybase: template folders for mybase
          • directory perso_module
            • file module_xx.txt
          • file header.txt base specific header file
          • file trl.txt base specific trailer file
        • directory mybase2: idem
      • directory images
        • directory mybase: portraits images for mybase
          • file first_name.occurence.last_name.jpg
          • file first_name.occurence.last_name.jpg
        • directory mybase2: idem
      • directory lang: containing some base specific language related template text files (lexicon for instance).
        • directory mybase
        • directory mybase2
      • directory src
        • directory mybase
          • directory images: images called with m=IMH
            • file myimage.jpg
          • file file1.txt: text file called with m=SRC
        • directory mybase2: idem
    • directory gw
    • file gwd/gwsetup launch scripts, README, etc.