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The bases folder is by default a subfolder of the GeneWeb distribution named bases that contains all your personnal data: the genealogical databases themselves with their notes, images, authentification files, template personalisation, etc. It can be moved or renamed according to your preferences (a launch parameter of gwd will specify where the bases are located).

In each of its etc, images, lang and src folders, subfolders carrying the name of the base mybase hold the specific data for each base.

  • directory distribution: details all the other files and subfolders out of bases folder, like the programs or template files.
    • directory bases: The folder containing the GeneWeb databases
      • directory mybase.gwb: folder of the genealogical database called mybase
        • file A set of binary files holding the base data (base, *.acc, cache_visited, *.dat, *.inx, nb_persons, notes_links, synchro_patches, tstab)
        • file forum; a text file containing the forum
        • file history; a text file containing the history of modifications
        • directory history_d: folder containing history diffs
        • file notes; a text file containing the main note of the base (m=NOTES)
        • directory notes_d: folder containing notes (m=NOTES;f=file)
        • file particles.txt: a text file containing particles (must contain the whole set)
        • directory wiznotes: folder containing wizard notes
      • file mybase.gwf: associated .gwf configuration/parameters file
      • file mybase-f.auth example of password file for friends (friend_passwd_file=)
      • file mybase-w.auth example of password file for wizards (wizard_passwd_file=)
      • directory mybase2.gwb: folder of a second genealogical database mybase2
      • file mybase2.gwf/auth configuration files associated to mybase2, etc.
        • file tags.txt list of authorized tags. Supplied to gwd with -allowed_tags (full path name)
      • directory cnt: holding the robot file, locks, and memorising the access counts for each base
        • file actlog: file temporary storing the tokens needed for login in CGI mode
        • file robot list IP address of robots
        • file mybase.txt access counts for mybase
        • file mybase.lck lock file for mybase
      • directory etc: used in priority over the generic gw/etc files (see templates)
        • directory mybase: template folders for mybase
          • directory modules
            • file module_xx.txt
          • file header.txt base specific header file
          • file trl.txt base specific trailer file
        • directory mybase2: idem
      • directory images
        • directory mybase: portraits images for mybase
          • file first_name.occurence.last_name.jpg
          • file other_first_name.occurence.last_name.jpg
        • directory mybase2: idem
      • directory lang: containing some base specific language related template text files
        • file lex_utf8.txt lexicon file
        • file lex_additionnal.txt additionnal lexicon file used by gwd with -add_lexicon (must be here)
        • directory mybase
        • directory mybase2
      • directory src
        • directory mybase
          • directory images: images called with m=IMH
            • file myimage.jpg
          • file file1.txt: text file called with m=SRC
        • directory mybase2: idem
    • directory gw
    • […] gwd/gwsetup launch scripts, README, etc.

Translations: All text files read through the m=SRC&v=file or m=DOC&s=file.txt commands are processed by GeneWeb which performs translations ([text to be translated]) and expands some macros (%s, %v, %i, %k see [1]). In addition, a more global translation of the text file can be obtained by appending _lg to the filename (where lg is the 2 letter acronym of a given language) which selects an entirely new file, specific to the selected language.

Files names in italic are user chosen. tags.txt is provided with its full path.

Note that with this configuration, all personalization happens in files stored in the base folder. A new release of GeneWeb may be installed safely by copying the new gw folder and possibly new copies of gwd/gwsetup launch scripts, CHANGES.txt, README, etc (the last two lines of the tree above).