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The configuration file for a given base is a text file with extension .gwf bearing the same name as your base and sitting next to the basename.gwb folder.

It contains variables controlling the behavior of the gwd program and of the template mechanism. If no configuration file is supplied, gwd will fall back on a standard configuration located at bindir/gw/a.gwf (pending question in git issue#1529). This a.gwf file contains all variables with some description of their actions, some being commented out. Additional files may provide other configuration variables as for the templm template.

If you create a fresh base with gwsetup, you will be proposed the following default simpler configuration file:


The templm template offers an additional set of parameters.

Detailed description of variables

This description is limited to some important variables. (for an updated list have a look to git reference source file a.gwf)

  • body_prop content of the %b macro typically inserted in the “<body>” HTML tag. See your HTML documentation for details.


body_prop=background=monfond.jpg vlink=yellow
This applies to all pages produced by GeneWeb.
body_prop deprecated by css_prop since gw 6.00
  • friend_passwd allows global access control for persons potentially still alive. See private_years in a.gwf. Default value is 150 years.
If a value is supplied for this variable, only visitors having entered that value as password will see data about persons born less than “private_years” years.
friend_passwd_file allows for a user level access control.
  • wizard_passwd allows global access control to modification rights in the base.
If a value is supplied for this variable, only visitors having entered that value as password will have modification rights.
wizard_passwd_file allows for a user level access control.
  • wizard_just_friend allows to temporarily prevent modifications
  • default_lang specifies the default language. Default value is french. Possibilities are: "af" (afrikaans), "bg" (bulgaran), "br" (breton), "cs" (czech), "ca" (catalan), "de" (greman), "da" (danish), "en" (english), "eo" (espéranto), "es" (spanish), "et" (estonian), "fi" (finnish), "fr" (french), "he" (hebrew), "is" (icelandic), "it" (italian), "lv" (latvian), "nl" (dutch), "no" (norvegian), "pl" (polish), "pt" (portugeese), "pt-br" (bresilian portugeese), "ro" (romanian), "ru" (russian), "sl" (slovenian), "sv" (sueedish), "zh" (chineese),
Note that at any time, independant of this setting, you may change the inetrface language by clicking on the appropriate flag of the welcome page (unless you have edited it out!), or by inserting lang=ln directly in the URL window of your browser.
  • can_send_image allows wizards to send or modify images associated with persons. See Update. Default value is “no”; to allow, enter “yes”.
Those images may take some space; manage carefully.
  • renamed indicates a new name for this base (useful if many links into your base exist on the web. A page with the new link will be displayed for the user to copy/paste and to follow to the content of his request.
  • history indicates that your base logs modification to its content (kept in bases/basename.gwb/history) and visible from the welcome page if the file exists.
  • history_diff indicates that detailed modifications are logged for each person (à la wiki).

Environment variables, bvar, evar

See the experts section for a discussion on these users supplied variables.

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