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Several shortcuts are available in the year field for qualifying a date:

  • ?1912 “maybe in 1912”;
  • >1912 or 1912/ “after 1912”;
  • <1912 or /1912 “before 1912”;
  • /1912/ “about 1912”;
  • + “deceased” (unknown date);
  • - “alive”.

Templm has the capability of performing some basic arithmetic on the year field. For instance, to capture the information “ages 66 years at the wedding of his daughter in 1849”, one can enter 1849-66 which will be translated into /1783/ when exiting the birth date zone. Other shortcuts managed by templm:

  • 1912/1913 “en 1912 or in 1913”;
  • 1912.1913 “between 1912 and 1913”;
  • text enters "text" as date in text format.

French Republican calendar

For the months of the republican calendar, abbreviations are VD, BR, FM, NI, PL, VT, GE, FL, PR, ME, TH, FT and JC or numbers from 1 for Vendémiaire (VD) to 13 for the complémentaire month (JC).

Note: use preferably the republican calendar form if the data you are proposed use it as GeneWeb will display also the gregorian equivalent, whereas determining a republican date from its gregorian value requires the use of the “calendar” function available on the welcome page.

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