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A GeneWeb distribution, available as a compressed file (.tar er .tgz or .zip) can be unfolded into a distribution folder whose structure is described here. This description starts from an example of an existing downloaded distribution file:

(server):~#ls -al gw-7.00-alpha-linux.tgz
-rw-r--r-- 1 username usergroup 5616960 Nov 24 14:21 gw-7.00-alpha-linux.tgz
    • directory gw-7.00-alpha-linux: The folder containing the GeneWeb distribution.
      • file CHANGES.txt
      • directory gw
        • file a.gwf : standard version for the configuration parameters of a base
        • file consang
        • directory etc : template files
        • file ged2gwb, ged2gwb2, gwb2ged : (for convenience multiple executables are listed on the same line)
        • file gwc, gwc1, gwc2, gwu
        • file gwd
        • file gwd.arg : execution parameters for gwd
        • file gwd.log : execution traces for gwd (as specified at gwd launch)
        • file gwsetup
        • directory gwtp_tmp :???
        • directory images :
        • directory lang
        • file mk_consang :???
        • file only.txt : access restriction for gwsetup
        • directory setup : gwsetup template files
        • file tags.txt : list of authorized HTML tags
        • directory update_nldb
      • file gwd : minimal launch script for gwd
      • file gwsetup : minimal launch script for gwsetup
      • file LICENSE.txt
      • file START.htm

You may rename the gw-7.00-alpha-linux folder to any name of your choice.

Note also that the minimal gwd start script provided in this distribution folder installs a base folder in the distribution folder itself. You may choose to keep this organisation rather than maintaining a separate bases folder.