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File:img download.png Geneweb 6.07 for all platforms

RPM packets for Redhat distributions such as Fedora 17-20 and Centos 6-7 can be found on généarepo.

File:img download.png Geneweb 6.08 sources

File:btn caml.png

File:puce.png Geneweb 7.00 alpha

GeneWeb 7.00 adds the management of events and is still in development. Sources are on GitHub repository.

Be careful, GeneWeb 7.00 is not backward compatible: you must extract a GeneWeb file (.gw) from your old version and then import it to the new one (do not copy/paste bases directory).

Furthermore, the commands for the second database format (gwc2, ged2gwb2) are not working yet with the version 7.00 and should not be used.

File:img download.png Others operating systems and sources of previous releases sources