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File:img download.png Releases and sources of GeneWeb

File:img download.png Geneweb 6.07 for all platforms

RPM packets for Redhat distributions such as Fedora 17-20 and Centos 6-7 can be found on généarepo.

File:img download.png Geneweb 6.08 sources

In February 2016, to maintain GeneWeb in Debian & Ubuntu, GeneWeb 6.08 has been updated for compilation with OCaml 4.02.

File:puce.png Geneweb 7.00 alpha and incoming beta

GeneWeb 7.00 adds the management of events and is still in development. An alpha version has been announced and released in september 2014. The second database format (gwc2/ged2gwb2) is not working in this version.

If you try version 7, remember that it isn’t backward compatible and that you must extract a GeneWeb file (.gw) of your database in your old GeneWeb version and import it to the new one (do not copy/paste or move /bases directory).

A beta version of Geneweb 7 is planned for April 2016.