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Last releases and sources of GeneWeb
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Lastest repository sources
how to build GeneWeb on your platform
All GeneWeb releases
v7.00 .tar.gz .zip Linux macOS 14
macOS 15
Windows (x86)
Windows (x86, no install)
6.08 tar.gz Linux
Debian (x64)*
macOS Windows (x86, no install)
6.07 tar.gz Linux OS X
Windows (x86)
Some RPM packets of GeneWeb v6.05 for Redhat distributions such as Fedora 17-20 and Centos 6-7 can be found on généarepo.
* In February 2016, to maintain GeneWeb in Debian & Ubuntu, GeneWeb 6.08 has been updated for compilation with OCaml 4.02.

<-!!** An alpha version of GeneWeb 6.08 and 7 has been announced and released in September 2014.
The 7.00 alpha version adds the management of events. The second database format (gwc2/ged2gwb2) is not working in this version. -->

GeneWeb Manual

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Use and manage genealogical databases

Technical annex