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Last sources and releases of GeneWeb
How to build or install How to install Ocaml to build GeneWeb on your platform How to install GeneWeb on Linux How to install GeneWeb on macOS How to install GeneWeb on Windows
GeneWeb v6.07 .tar.gz Linux OS X
Windows (x86)
GeneWeb v6.08 .tar.gz Linux
Debian (x64)*
macOS Windows (x86, zip)
GeneWeb v7.00 .tar.gz .zip Linux macOS Big Sur (11)
macOS Monterey (12)
Windows (x64) .zip changes
GeneWeb v7.01-alpha2 .tar.gz .zip Linux macOS Monterey (12) .zip changes
GeneWeb master .zip All releases
Some RPM packets of GeneWeb v6.05 for Redhat distributions such as Fedora 17-20 and Centos 6-7 can be found on généarepo.
* In February 2016, to maintain GeneWeb in Debian & Ubuntu, GeneWeb 6.08 has been updated for compilation with OCaml v4.02.

GeneWeb Manual

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Use and manage genealogical databases

Technical annex