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The command ged2gwb converts a Gedcom (.ged) file into a GeneWeb base.

ged2gwb toto.ged -o dupont
Usage: ged2gwb [<ged>] [options] where options are:
 -o <file>
      Output database (default: "a").
      Remove database if already existing
 -log <file>
      Redirect log trace to this file.
 -lf    - Lowercase first names -
      Convert first names to lowercase letters, with initials in
 -ls    - Lowercase surnames -
      Convert surnames to lowercase letters, with initials in
      uppercase. Try to keep lowercase particles.
 -us    - Uppercase surnames -
      Convert surnames to uppercase letters.
 -fne be - First names enclosed -
      When creating a person, if the GEDCOM first name part holds
      a part between 'b' (any character) and 'e' (any character), it
      is considered to be the usual first name: e.g. -fne '""' or
      -fne "()".
 -efn   - Extract first names -
      When creating a person, if the GEDCOM first name part holds several
      names, the first of this names becomes the person "first name" and
      the complete GEDCOM first name part a "first name alias".
 -no_efn   - Don't extract first names - [default]
      Cancels the previous option.
 -epn   - Extract public names - [default]
      When creating a person, if the GEDCOM first name part looks like a
      public name, i.e. holds:
      * a number or a roman number, supposed to be a number of a
        nobility title,
      * one of the words: "der", "den", "die", "el", "le", "la",
        "the", supposed to be the beginning of a qualifier,
      then the GEDCOM first name part becomes the person "public name" 
      and its first word his "first name".
      Cancels the previous option.
 -no_pit  - No public if titles -
      Do not consider persons having titles as public
 -tnd   - Try negative dates -
      Set negative dates when inconsistency (e.g. birth after death)
 -no_nd  - No negative dates -
      Don't interpret a year preceded by a minus sign as a negative year
 -udi x-y   - Undefined death interval -
      Set the interval for persons whose death part is undefined:
      - if before x years, they are considered as alive
      - if after y year, they are considered as death
      - between x and y year, they are considered as "don't know" 
      Default x is 80 and y is 120
 -uin  - Untreated in notes -
      Put untreated GEDCOM tags in notes
 -ds  - Default source -
      Set the source field for persons and families without source data
      Interpret months-numbered dates as day/month/year
      Interpret months-numbered dates as month/day/year
 -charset [ANSEL|ASCII|MSDOS] - charset decoding -
      Force given charset decoding, overriding the possible setting in

The base as defined by the -o option must be in the same partition or device as the current folder, otherwise, gwc will terminate with the following error message:

Uncaught exception: Sys_error("Invalid cross-device link")


The command gwb2ged will export a Gedcom (.ged) file from a GeneWeb base.

Usage: gwb2ged <base> [options]
If both options -a and -d are used, intersection is assumed.
If several options -s are used, union is assumed.
Options are:
  -charset [ASCII|ANSEL|UTF-8]: set charset; default is UTF-8.
  -o <ged>: output file name (default: a.ged)
  -mem : save memory space, but slower
  -a "<1st_name>" [num] "<surname>": select ancestors of
  -d "<1st_name>" [num] "<surname>": select descendants of
  -aws "<1st_name>" [num] "<surname>" : select ancestors with siblings
  -s "<surname>" : select this surname (option usable several times)
  -nsp : no spouses' parents (for options -s and -d)
  -nn : no (database) notes
  -nopicture : Don't extract individual picture.
  -picture-path : Extract pictures path.
  -c <num> :
     When a person is born less than <num> years ago, it is not exported unless
     it is Public. All the spouses and descendants are also censored.

At the present time, gwb2ged is missing the option -ad available with gwu. In case of need, one can extract with gwu, recreate a base from the extracted data end do a full extraction with gwb2ged.

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