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The simple command gwc with no parameter, will create an empty base named a (in folder a.gwb) in which you can start entering families and persons.

Choosing between gwc, gwc1 ou gwc2 :

  • gwc produces bases using an earlier data format :
  • gwc1 is an alias for gwc ;
  • gwc2 (existing since GeneWeb 5) creates a base using a newer format with separate files for each table, optimized for larger bases.
Usage: gwc|gwc1|gwc2 [options] [files]
where [files] are a list of files:
  source files end with .gw
  object files end with .gwo
and [options] are:
  -c Only compiling
  -o <file> Output database (default: a.gwb)
  -f  Remove database if already existing
  -stats Print statistics
  -nc No consistency check
  -cg Compute consanguinity
  -sep  Separate all persons in next file
  -sh <int> Shift all persons numbers in next files
  -ds <str> Set the source field for persons and families without source data
  -part <file> Particles file (default = predefined particles)
  -mem  Save memory, but slower
  -nolock  do not lock database.
  -nofail  no failure in case of error.
  -q  no verbose
  -v  verbose

The base as defined by the -o option must be in the same partition or device as the current folder, otherwise, gwc will terminate with the following error message:

Uncaught exception: Sys_error("Invalid cross-device link")

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