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gwsetup is a program to create and maintain genealogy database(s) using a browser-based user interface instead of command lines in a terminal window.

The default port for gwsetup is 2316 and its welcome page is: http://localhost:2316/.

Using gwsetup:

  • under Windows, double click on gwsetup.bat available in the GeneWeb installation folder. A window should pop-up proposing a selection of languages and specifying the address at which gwsetup is available. Keep this window open as long as you wish to interact with gwsetup. You may minimise it with the “-” button in the top right corner of the window;
  • under Linux, if you have installed GeneWeb using RPM package manager, you probably already have gwsetup running. Use the address provided at install time to manage your bases.
  • if you have installed Geneweb under Unix or Linux or OSX through another method, you may launch gwsetup by entering ./gwsetup in a terminal window.

Warning: it is important to understand in which folders gwsetup and gwd find their informations, in particular the genealogy bases.

  • gwd has an option (-bd) specifying where are the bases.
  • gwsetup does not have the same option and find the bases in the current folder. One can use the following commands:
export BIN_DIR="folder where gwd and gwsetup lies"
export BASE_DIR="folder where you wish to keep your bases"
"$BIN_DIR/gwsetup" -gd "$BIN_DIR" -bindir "$BIN_DIR"
User interface for gwsetup.

Once started, gwsetup offers, through a web interface, a variety of actions:

  • consult bases, error reports and statistics
  • save bases
  • create bases
  • Manage bases
    • cleanup
    • rename
    • delete
    • merge
    • save and restore
    • compute consanguinity
    • update chronicle links
  • configure
    • the parameters for a base
    • the parameters for the gwd service
  • consult the documentation

Start options for gwsetup

\geneweb\distribution\gw>gwsetup -help
Usage: gwsetup [options] where options are:
  -lang <string>: default lang
  -daemon : Unix daemon mode.
  -p <number>: Select a port number (default = 2316); > 1024 for normal users.
  -only <file>: File containing the only authorized address
  -gd <string>: gwsetup directory
  -bindir <string>: binary directory (default = value of option -gd)

gwsetup and gwd may be started with a common shell script similar to Gwd-start or it's up-to-date version git)


Gwsetup acts as a http server, and as such, is accessible from remote client machines. In order to prevent random users to launch base maintenance operations through the gwsetup interface, its access is limited to a single remote machine whose IP address is stored in a file called only.txt located in the gw folder. If the only.txt file does not exist, it is assumed to hold the value (or ::1 in IPV6 land).

GeneWeb Manual

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Use and manage genealogical databases

Technical annex