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The command gwu will export a textual file following the GW file format from a GeneWeb base.

gwu dupont > toto.gw

If you save a base into successive files after sets of modifications, you have the possibility of comparing the results with standards tools such as diff.

The GW file format is the preferred method for archiving a base, and the required method to transfer a base from one version of GeneWeb to another.

gwc toto.gw -o durand
Usage: ./gwu [options] <base_file>
If both options -a and -d are used, intersection is assumed.
If several options -s are used, union is assumed.
Options are:
 -o <file>    output file name (else stdout)
 -odir <dir>  create files from original name in directory (else on -o file)
 -mem         save memory space, but slower
 -a "<1st_name>" [num] "<surname>" : select ancestors of...
 -d "<1st_name>" [num] "<surname>" : select descendants of...
 -ad "<1st_name>" [num] "<surname>" : select ancestors of...
   and all their descendants (has no effect if -a and/or -d used,
   option -nsp is forced).
 -aws "<1st_name>" [num] "<surname>" : select ancestors with siblings
 -s "<surname>" : select this surname (option usable several times)
 -maxlev "<level>" : maximum level of generations of descendants
 -nsp : no spouses' parents (for options -s and -d)
 -nn : no (database) notes
 -nopicture : Don't extract individual picture.
 -c <num> :
    When a person is born less than <num> years ago, it is not exported unless
    it is Public. All the spouses and descendants are also censored.
 -old_gw : Do not export additional fields (for backward compatibility: < 7.00)
 -raw raw output (without possible utf-8 conversion)
 -v verbose
 -sep "1st_name.num surname" :
    To use together with the option "-odir": separate this person and
    all his ancestors and descendants sharing the same surname. All the
    concerned families are displayed on standard output instead of their
    associated files. This option can be used several times.
 -sep_only_file <file> :
    With option "-sep", tells to separate only groups of that file.
 -sep_limit <num> :
    When using the option "-sep", groups of families can become isolated
    in the files. Gwu reconnects them to the separated families (i.e.
    displays them to standard output) if the size of these groups is less
    than 21. The present option changes this limit.

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