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Individual and main notes in GeneWeb can contain links to images or direct images. Here are the different possibilities using HTML:

  • text link to an image: <a href="%sm=IMH;s=image.jpg">text link</a>
  • direct image: <img src="%sm=IM;s=image.jpg" title="mouseover description" alt="alternative description">
  • button image: <a href="%sm=IMH;s=full-image.jpg"><img src="%sm=IM;s=thumb-image.jpg"></a>
  • text link to image maps: <a href="%sm=SRC;v=file">text link or button image</a>

GeneWeb replace the macros %s by the appropriate URL keeping current base/template/language parameters and the s= parameter refers to folder bases/src/mybase/images/ (for example for the base Grimaldi, in bases/src/grimaldi/images/).

Style information can be added as needed.

To work the HTML tag img must present in bases/tags.txt (see tags).

Image maps example

In the case of image maps, gwd looks for bases/src/mybase/file.txt, replace macros by their values, and passes the resulting HTML back to the browser.

An example of such a text file is:

Grande Ile
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

<table border="1" width="100%" height="60">
<tr align="left">
<td width="100%" height="16" bgcolor="#008080"><p align="center">
<font face="Garamond" color="#FFFFFFF"><big><big><strong><big>
La Grande Ile</font></big></strong></big></big></font>
<p><img SRC="%sm=IM;s=grande-ile.jpg" usemap="#test-chausey" border="0"> <br>
<font size="-1"><em>(Carte construite à partir de celle disponible sur le site réalisé par P. Marques :
<a href=""> </a>).
En déplaçant le curseur sur les lieux significatifs de l'île, vous verrez (peut être!) apparaitre son nom, et un click vous emmènera vers une description plus détaillée et des photos.

<map name="test-chausey">
	<area shape="poly" coords="206,272,212,255,241,254,240,291,217,290" href="%sm=NG;n=le+vieux+fort" alt="Le Vieux Fort">
	<area shape="poly" coords="132,75,170,78,168,110,132,111" href="%sm=NG;n=le+semaphore" alt="Le S̩maphore">
	<area shape="rect" coords="345,307,433,347" href="%sm=SRC;v=plan-pointe-du-phare">
	<area shape="rect" coords="359,194,485,213" href="%sp=la+maison;n=pilet">

This example, opens an image file named bases/src/mybase/images/grande-ile.jpg using the HTML <map> named test-chausey.

In this <map>, several clickable areas have been defined (using the Mapedit tool for instance), and with each area is associated a href HTML command. Since the bases/src/mybase/grande-ile.txt file has been processed by gwd, occurrences of %s have been replaced by the appropriate address.

Through the example above, one can see that the href command can be any valid GeneWeb URL.

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