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It is possible to insert links to images or direct images within notes. This is achieved by inserting in the body of the note the following command (verify that the corresponding HTML commands are present in the tags.txt file - see Tags):

  • link to an image: <a href="%sm=IMH;s=image-file-name.jpg">displayed text</a>
  • direct image : <img SRC="%sm=IM;s=full-image.jpg">
  • button image: <a href="%sm=IMH;s=full-image.jpg"><img SRC="%sm=IM;s=vignette-image.jpg"></a>
  • clickable image: <a href="%sm=SRC;v=full-image">displayed text or button image</a>

gwd reads those commands and replaces %s by the appropriate server address (localhost:2317 most often). Images designated by the s= parameter are found in the GeneWeb-Bases/src/base/images folder.

In the case of clickable images, gwd looks for the file full-image.txt in GeneWeb-Bases/src/base, scans the corresponding text, replacing % macros (see Macros) by their values, and passes the resulting HTML back to the browser.

An example of such a text file is:

Grande Ile
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

<table border="1" width="100%" height="60">
<tr align="left">
<td width="100%" height="16" bgcolor="#008080"><p align="center">
<font face="Garamond" color="#FFFFFFF"><big><big><strong><big>
La Grande Ile</font></big></strong></big></big></font>
<p><img SRC="%sm=IM;s=grande-ile.jpg" usemap="#test-chausey" border="0"> <br>
<font size="-1"><em>(Carte construite à partir de celle disponible sur le site réalisé par P. Marques :
<a href=""> </a>).
En déplaçant le curseur sur les lieux significatifs de l'île, vous verrez (peut être!) apparaitre son nom, et un click vous emmènera vers une description plus détaillée et des photos.

<map name="test-chausey">
	<area shape="poly" coords="206,272,212,255,241,254,240,291,217,290" href="%sm=NG;n=le+vieux+fort" alt="Le Vieux Fort">
	<area shape="poly" coords="132,75,170,78,168,110,132,111" href="%sm=NG;n=le+semaphore" alt="Le S̩maphore">
	<area shape="rect" coords="345,307,433,347" href="%sm=SRC;v=plan-pointe-du-phare">
	<area shape="rect" coords="359,194,485,213" href="%sp=la+maison;n=pilet">

This example, opens an image file named GeneWeb-Bases/src/base/images/grande-ile.jpg using the HTML <map> named test-chausey.

In this <map>, several clickable areas have been defined (using the Mapedit tool for instance), and with each area is associated a href HTML command. Since the GeneWeb-Bases/src/base/grande-ile.txt file has been processed by gwd, occurrences of %s have been replaced by the appropriate address.

Through the example above, one can see that the href command can be any valid GeneWeb URL.