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== Manage ==
== Manage ==
* Import GEDCOM {{c|.ged}} or [[GWformat|GeneWeb {{c|.gw}}]] databases with [[gwsetup]] or in with the [[man|command-line]] in a terminal.
* Import GEDCOM {{c|.ged}} or [[GWformat|GeneWeb {{c|.gw}}]] databases with [[gwsetup]] or in with a terminal [[man|command-line]].
*[[Merge]] and [[Divide|split]] multiples databases.
*[[Merge]] and [[Divide|split]] multiple databases.
* [[Clean]], [[recover]], [[rename| rename (move)]], [[save]], and/or [[archive]] a database.
* [[Clean]], [[recover]], [[rename| rename (or move)]], [[save]], and [[archive]] a database.
== Technical annex ==
== Technical annex ==

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Technical annex

  • Syntax to add images to Notes fields.
  • Understand the Geneweb file format (.gw) .
  • How to compute Consanguinity (genetic relationships between people).
  • Further remarks for experts.