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15 March 2018: Preview demo of version 7

Quite a long time without news for GeneWeb, but a lot of work has been done underground. If you didn’t try the demonstration of GeneWeb 7 you should! For example, if you remember the old table of descendants in version 6.07, look at all the added options for tables in version 7: images, popups for notes and sources, children counts, better d’Aboville notation for multiples relations, new mode with separated rows for spouses (to see their birth and death), buttons to change the number of generations, to the table of ancestors or to trees, better access to forms, easy navigation between parents/children and between individuals,… All that in the same place! Feedback is welcome on Github or on the mailing list.

Be indulgent with translations, only English and French are well maintained for the moment. The project will need help from translators to provide the missings lexicon sentences before 7.0 final release.

1st September 2016: GeneWeb has over 18 years! 

Happy birthday to Daniel's 1st commit on GeneWeb repository!

7 April 2016: HTTPS

As our host Tuxfamily welcome HTTPS, so do we! GeneWeb Wiki and it's demo subsite now benefit of the Let's Encrypt certificate. The GeneWeb documentation is now available on

8 March 2016: Continuous integration

Travis and Appveyor on GitHub.

The continuous integration tools Travis-CI (Linux/OS X) and AppVeyor (Windows) has been chosen to check that the compilation of Geneweb is successfull on those plateforms. If build is passing, it's reported in a little Github badge on the file that is on the front GitHub page too.

Build logs can be found clicking on those badges at:

26 January 2016: Roadmap to GeneWeb 7 beta

Good news! The main developper of GeneWeb for all versions 6 will keep maintaining the distribution to release a version 7 of Geneweb. The master repository for the project can now be found at

A concrete roadmap to the incoming beta has been published on the wiki. Any help or feedback is appreciated!

1st October 2015: Geneweb Wiki

Mediawiki has been deployed on Tuxfamily for GeneWeb documentation at Everybody can help to write and translate the manual, faq, tips and tricks for GeneWeb.

26 May 2015: GeneWeb is moving to Github

GeneWeb is now hosted on Github (for some month) :

The issues tracker has been moved too (also the comments have not, they will be soon).

For better community exposure, the entier project is moving (also the wiki, but one step at a time).

Please, from now on, it would be better to use github to report issues or update the wiki. Thanks.