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GeneWeb version 7.1 offers a plugin mechanism allowing functional extensions without impacting the core operation of the system.

Developers should explore existing plugins to infer the overall mechanism, but it should be noted that such development requires a good understanding of both the OCaml language and GeneWeb itself. Developers will find plugins in the plugins folder of the GitHub repository. In the plugins folder, each plugin is in a sub_folder names pl_name_plugin. The command make distrib will compile those plugins and install then in a distribution/plugin folder. Ressources (templates, images, lexicon entries) associated with each plugin are located in an assets sub folder.

Plugins are loaded by gwd at launch time through the parameter -plugins (or -unsafe_plugins) pointing to the location of the plugins.

In addition, the user must specify in his .gwf parameter file those plugins he wants activated through a line such as:


where pli is the name of the desired plugin.

Existing plugins



The cgl plugin is an example of plugin whose function is limited to a post processing of the data produced by GeneWeb, removing in this data stream all occurrences of href. This plugin supersedes the cgl=on command one can add to the URL to ask for suppression of href links.




No index

Implements the opt=no_index parameter in the URL. Replaces non stable instances of i=index by their stable values p=first_name;n=surname;oc=occ.


The v7 plugin regroups in a single place the traditional V7 behavior of GeneWeb (over time a V8 plugin may offer a new set of templates). All GUI related informations that were located in the hd repository folder are now located in plugins/v7/assets.

Several .ml files (cousins, date, descend, interp, perso, place, some, sosa, srcfile, templ) implement slight (or significant) variations from the core GeneWeb behavior.

V7 images