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A GeneWeb base can be renamed through command lines or through gwsetup.

Bases are kept in folders with extension .gwb. If you change the name of this folder, your base name will be changed.

Several other files and folders have to be renamed in accordance with this new choice:

  • the basename.gwf configuration file
  • the bases/cnt/basename.txt file maintaining a count of accesses to your base (non essential)
  • the folders bases/etc/basename, bases/image/basename bases/src/basename containing template files and image data for your base.

Gwsetup offers a “rename” command which performs the first task (basename.gwb renaming) but not the others!


Moving a base goes beyond renaming as it allows to change the name of the server hosting the base.

To do so, add a line in the .gwf file containing the new full address of the base:


A message indicating this new address will be displayed when accessing the base (welcome page and perso page only!! Direct access to other pages or commands will not display the message).

Note that the gwd server has a launch time parameter -redirect new_server allowing to redirect all requests to that server to the new address. This is more general as it impacts all the bases hosted by this server.

Restrictions for base names

The name of a base cannot be a2_ for example, as it contains a forbidden character. Base names can only contain alphanumeric characters (upper and lower case) and the character “-”. All other characters are forbidden.

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