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Within notes, it is possible to insert HTML tags which will be passed on to the resulting page. GeneWeb needs to be made aware of these tags, and as a result, will accept only those tags listed in a tags.txt file. Tags are listed one per line, with no trailing space, and designate both the “opening” and “closing” tags.

GeneWeb's code contains a default list of allowed tags, but the tags.txt file must contain all concerned tags, not just additionnal tags.

value default_good_tag_list =
  [ "!--"; "a";  "area"; "b"; "blockquote"; "br"; "center"; "cite"; "dd"; "dir"; "div"; "dl";
   "dt"; "em"; "font"; "hr"; "h1"; "h2"; "h3"; "h4"; "h5"; "h6"; "i"; "img";
   "li"; "map"; "ol"; "p"; "pre"; "span"; "strong"; "sub"; "sup"; "table"; "tbody";
   "td"; "tfoot"; "th"; "thead"; "tr"; "tt"; "u"; "ul"]

The location of the tags file is passed to gwd at launch through the -tags parameter.

Note that those tags need not be legal HTML tags. GeneWeb will "accept" any tag in the supplied list, and will pass it on to the result page. Tags which are not listed in tags.txt will be transformed into &lt;funnytag&gt;, appearing as <funnytag> in a browser. Non HTML tags may carry text between the <funnytag and the closing >, which can be useful if the page returned by GeneWeb is read by a program doing some further processing on the returned text.

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