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templm uses specific configuration variables that must be added in /bases/base.gwf :


Description of the variables

Style sheets

List of professions

Uploads the list of professions when entering data.

  • datalist_occu=  : do nothing.
  • datalist_occu=1 : uploads the whole list once.
  • datalist_occu=2 : uploads a sub-list after typing three characters.

Listof locations

Uploads the list of locations when entering data.

  • datalist_place=  : do nothing.
  • datalist_place=1 : uploads the whole list once.
  • datalist_place=2 : uploads a sub-list after typing three characters.

List of sources

Uploads the list of locations when entering data.

  • datalist_src=  : do nothing.
  • datalist_src=1 : uploads the whole list once.
  • datalist_src=2 : uploads a sub-list after typing three characters.

Age computation

On a personal page, display the age of parents at birth, and the age of the person for each other events.

  • event_age=yes

jquery functions

If jquery is active, the number of ancestors, implesex and descendants will be displayed. This activates also automatis locations, professions, sources and witness lookup in eprsonal and family update forms.

  • jquery=yes

Shortest path

Deactivate "shortest path" links in statistics if more than n dates.

  • max_dates=n

Number of generations

Number of generations displayed in the "Descendants" of a personal page. If maxlev is greater than 1, then great-great grand-parents are displayed in the Ascendants section.

  • maxlev=2 : affiche deux générations.

Menus position

Position scrolling menus at the top of the page, or a static menu at the bottom.

  • menu=  : Position scrolling menus at the top of the page.
  • menu=1 : Position a static menu at the bottom of the page.

Display the wiki link

Display teh wiki link ([[first_name/patronyme/0/Ftirst_name SURNAME]]) and the various wayd a person is called on its page..

  • misc=surname

Move the marriage comment

Sur le formulaire de la famille, s’il n’y a pas de note de mariage/non mariage/relation (pas de mention), alors la note de l'union est déplacé automatiquement vers la note de ces événements.

  • move_comment=yes

Surname display

Converts automatically first_name surnale into First_name SURNAME in the data capture forms.

  • uppercase=yes

Particles conversion

if both uppercase=yes and particles=yes, then converts "first_name de surname" into "First_name de SURNAME".

  • particles=yes

Link to gwsetup

DIsplay a ling to gwsetup on personal pages.

  • setup_link=yes

gwsetup port number

Provides a URL to gwsetup with the appropriate value of the -p parameter. Default is localhost:2316.

  • setup_http=

Number of colums for display

Alters display of personal pages:

  • wide=yes : single colums display (÷)
  • wide=no  : two colums display (·|·).

Hide flags

Hide flage in the menu:

  • hideflag= yes : do hide flags.

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