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Each wizard may create, at his convenience, a page where his profile, activities and interests are described. The format for such a page is unconstrained HTML, augmented with the wiki syntax available in the context of GeneWeb.

The list of such pages is accessible from the welcome page footer m=WIZNOTES and is displayed by default in alphabetic order m=WIZNOTES;o=A. This order is governed by the syntax provided in the password file. Alternatively, the chronological sorting of the list can be obtained with m=WIZNOTES;o=H. At the end of the alphabetical list will appear the list of former wizards whose page is still available in the base.

Each wizard page can be displayed with the command m=WIZNOTES;f=wizard_name, and its HTML source displayed (to wizards only) with the command m=VIEW_WIZNOTES;v=0;f=wizard_name.

A wizard may modify his own page with the command m=MOD_WIZNOTES;v=0;f=wizard_name.

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