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The simple command gwc with no parameter will create an empty base named a (in folder a.gwb) in which you can start entering families and persons.

Choosing between gwc, gwc1 ou gwc2 :

  • gwc produces bases using an earlier data format :
  • gwc1 is an alias for gwc ;
  • gwc2 (existing since GeneWeb 5, disappeared in GeneWeb 7) creates a base using a newer format with separate files for each table, optimised for larger bases.
Usage: gwc|gwc1|gwc2 [options] [files]
where [files] are a list of files:
  source files end with .gw
  object files end with .gwo
and [options] are:
  -bd        <DIR> Specify where the “bases” directory with databases is installed
             (default if empty is “.”)." )
  -bnotes    [drop|erase|first|merge] Behavior for base notes of the next file.
             [drop]: dropped. 
             [erase]: erase the current content. 
             [first]: dropped if current content is not empty.
             [merge]: concatenated to the current content. 
             Default: " ^ !bnotes ^ "" )
  -c         Only compiling
  -cg        Compute consanguinity
  -ds        <str> Set the source field for persons and families without source data
  -f         Remove database if already existing
  -gwo       Suppress .gwo files after base creation
  -o         <file> Output database (default: a.gwb)
  -mem       Save memory, but slower
  -nc        No consistency check
  -nofail    no failure in case of error.
  -nolock    do not lock database.
  -nopicture Do not create associative pictures
  -o         <file> Output database (default: <input file name>.gwb,
             a.gwb if not available). Alphanumerics and -"
  -particles <file> Particles file (default = predefined particles)
  -q         Quiet
  -reorg     Mode reorg (see note below)
  -sep       Separate all persons in next file
  -sh        <int> Shift all persons occ numbers in next files
  -stats     Print statistics
  -v         Verbose

The base as defined by the -o option must be in the same partition or device as the current folder, otherwise, gwc will terminate with the following error message:

Uncaught exception: Sys_error("Invalid cross-device link")

Note: the mode "reorg" will be proposed with versions 7.1 (or 7.2). In this mode, all the auxiliary data (configuration, counters, portraits, images, source files) are kept within the mybase.gwb folder, allowing for a global Zip based save possibility.

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