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Some themes to introduce and discuss and unstructured questions

  • define more clearly the notions of page, form, zone, data capture field, tick-marks, buttons, radio buttons, pull-down menus ...
  • explain that the pages/forms/zones are built from template files, and are "programmables"
To that extent, all templates do not adhere to the same hierarchy of pages/forms/sequences.
Identify the basic template to be discussed and adhere to its hierarchy
  • Prepare sub-sections for experts
  • talk about places, occupations, sources dictionaries and their use
  • Talk, and/or discuss in CHANGES.txt the big new features appearing in version 7
  • Introduce very early the bases and gw folders and explain that most, if not all files will be prefixed by one or the other
Similar discussion about bd, hd, ..--and the likes
  • get gwd and gwserver to follow more similar rules (both should use the same -bd argument !!)
  • so far so good!!

Henri83, 23:42, 30 October 2015 (CET)


When discussing GeneWeb, we will use across the documentation the following terms:

  • GeneWeb: the service as a whole
  • gwd, gwc, gwu, gwsetup: the specific program executing some task. each program ahs specific control parameters
  • Pages/page: a HTML page returned by GeneWeb and displayed by your browser
  • Form/formulaire: a page specialized in data capture
  • Zone/zone: a form may be divided into several zones (father, mither, child, ...)
  • Field/champ: a one line ou multi-line area where typing is possible
  • Tick-mark/case à cocher: a field with yes/no meaning
  • Radio-button/bouton-radio: a set of tick-marks with only one active at a time
  • Pull-down menu/menu déroulant: a multiple choice menu
  • Buttons/boutons: a clickable area with a label trigering some action

— Preceding unsigned comment was added by Henri83 (talk), 31 octobre 2015 à 07:44‎.

Cette terminologie aurait sa place sur un article de recommandation d’écritures pour le wiki : GeneWeb:Wiki par exemple. Pour tick-mark j'ai corrigé les quelques entrées en « check box » bien plus courant. Radio button/bouton radio sans tiret. drop-down menu renvoie à drop-down list et en français à liste déroulante; l’important c’est « menu » tout court on ne devrait garder que ce terme. – A2 (talk) 09:19, 23 November 2015 (CET)

Early description of folders

Once installed on your computer or server, GeneWeb files are organized into two main folders:

  • bases where the data specific to your base is stored
  • gw where the various executable programs of GeneWeb are located

Experts may organize these folders in several ways, some of which being discussed in the documentation The basic installation of GeneWeb organises these two folders next to each other under a main folder typically called geneweb which can itself be located at the place of your liking on your machine In the remainder of the documentation, we will refer to these two folders as bases and gw independently of their exact location on your machine. For instance, if you have installed geneweb under /Users/Myname/Genealogy/geneweb then


will in fact designate


will — Preceding unsigned comment was added by Henri83 (talk), 31 octobre 2015 à 07:44‎.

Oui, il faudrait créer une page quelque part avec une description de la structure de l’installation, même si on retrouve ça un peu partout ailleurs… – A2 (talk) 09:00, 23 November 2015 (CET)

Filename extensions

In the documentation, filename extensions will always include a "." as in .gw or .gwf

Dont acte sur la présente page. A2 (talk) 09:25, 23 November 2015 (CET)

User interface

GeneWeb offers a very powerful and very flexible User Interface design mechanism based on template files. This documentation is based on the default set of templates. Significant differences between earlier versions of GeneWeb and GeneWeb version 7.xx will be highlighted when necessary.

The new top of page manu tool bar needs a little bit of cleaning:

  • there are 5 areas: Person, Family, Ascendants/Descendants, Relations, Various
  • Each area shows a "default" action, and a pull-down menu, possibly cascaded

It seems to me that the default action should always be repeated in the pull down menu Would it be hard to have some config file letting the user choose which of the actions is the default?

In base.gwf:

menubar_asc_desc=ancestors  # choose which one you want as the default button in the menubar

In menubar.txt

%if;(bvar.menubar_asc_desc = "ancestors")
         <li><a href="%prefix;m=A;%access;">[*ancestors]</a></li>
%if;(bvar.menubar_asc_desc = "descendants")
         <li><a href="%prefix;m=D;%access;">[*descendants]</a></li>

Just a thought!! — Preceding unsigned comment was added by Henri83 (talk), 31 octobre 2015 à 09:51‎.

List of GeneWeb data capture commands

Reference to these actions should be consistent across the doc


  • Update person/Modifier personne (MOD_IND)
  • Send image/Envoyer image (SND_IMAGE)
  • Merge persons/Fusionner personnes (MRG)
  • Delete person/Supprimer personne (DEL_IND)


  • Update family/Modifier famille (MOD_FAM)
  • Add family/Ajouter famille (ADD_FAM) in fact ADD family does "Update family" on a blank family !!
  • Add child/Ajouter enfant (MOD_FAM#child) idem MOD_FAM. Le #child est absent dans le template, et par défaut une zone enfant devrait être rajouté à la fin !!!
  • Change children names/Changer le nom des enfants (CHG_CHN)
  • Merge families/Fusionner familles (MRG_FAM°
  • Delete family/Supprimer famille (DEL_FAM)

— Preceding unsigned comment was added by Henri83 (talk), 31 octobre 2015 à 08:00‎.