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GeneWeb version 7.0.0

This changelog note tries to reconstruct changes in GeneWeb since version 6.08. It may miss some details which might be added later if relevants.

  • Development environment: GeneWeb's development environment has been shifted to opam+dune, and relies on a variety of external libraries.
Dependencies are managed by opam.
See README for installation instructions
  • Code revision: GeneWeb code has been profoundly reorganised:
    • files are now separated into a /bin and /lib folders.
    • some functions have been isolated as external libraries and/or separate repositories (contrib, unidecode)
    • some files have been split in two parts, isolating the display functions from the other functions
    • front-end (GUI, API) functions and back-end (database) functions have been isolated to facilitate development and direct plugin of new front and back-end solutions.
    • many code factorization, optimisation and bug fixes
  • Archival format: the archival (gw) format has been upgraded to gwplus. gwc v7 reads old .gw files, and gwu v7 can write old format files when launched with the parameter -old_gw.
  • Events are now first class citizens in GeneWeb (personal events and family events).
Events attributes are name, date, place, source and note. Witnesses can be attached to events.
The current implementation results in redundant data in the .gw file as birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial are both reported in the traditional way (part of the person or family record) and as personal or family events.
  • History: bug fixes
  • GUI: the look of GeneWeb's interface has been revamped with a modern tool: html 5 and Bootstrap, resulting in a better compatibility between screen formats (PC, tablet, phone).
Icons are displayed as font elements rather than images.
  • Templates: templates have been revised in multiple fashion
  • new templates (H and I trees, family tree, ascendant and descendant tables)
  • the variety of templates (a, b, c, ...) has been collapsed into a mechanism allowing interactive selection of modules to form a page (left-most icon on the menubar).
Modules include identity, unions, parents, grand-parents, relations, notes, sources, chronology and various trees.
Each module may take several forms inspired by the old a, b, c, .. templates.
A standard mechanism allows to add private modules.
A .gwf variable (p_mod) allows memorization of a particular module configuration for a given base (see a.gwf for details).
  • whenever possible, clickable items on a page point to the designated person (first_name surname), its update page (sex of dates), its family update page (marriage date).
  • Advanced search: the advanced search page, and the underlying search mechanisms have been updated for generality and efficiency. This is an ongoing effort.
  • Notes safety: enhanced mechanism to prevent introduction of malicious code in notes.
  • Gwsetup: updated to include more options and more tools (connex, gwdiff, gwfixbase)
  • gwd: new launch parameters
  • various API related parameters
  • -trace_templ -> Brackets template files with begin/end html comments (