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refer to CHANGES file in git master branch for last development changes.

GeneWeb version 7.01

This changelog describes in more details changes introduced in 7.0 and 7.1.

  • Various corrections and marginal updates in template files.
  • Addition of a collections of "cousins" template commands.
Using these commands, the "Relationship" item on the last or next to last menubar item on the right will provide a comprehensive table of potential "cousins" relationships, counting v1 generations up and v2 generations down.
  • Update of the "places by surname" command (available on the welcome page).
List of persons related to a given place are now explicitly provided as well as the possibility to construct a multi-relation tree between these persons. A link back into the places dictionary is also provided.
  • Addition of a carrousel mechanism allowing archival of several pictures associated with a person beyond the existing portrait.
  • New command m=DOC (similar to m=SRC) allowing taking into account .pdf and .html files.
<a href="%sm=DOC&s=file.pdf">Pdf file</a>
will display the content of the pdf file.
Contrary to image files, pdf and html files cannot be included in a <img src="..."> command.
Arguments to m=SRC and m=DOC can now be located into sub-folders of the current images/basename and src/basename folders.
  • In templates, images (portraits) are displayed by default, and spouses are not. Most of the templates provide buttons to change this setting as well as other parameters.
When no button is available, manually adding im=off and/or sp=on in the URL should work.
  • In ancestor trees, a new option allows to choose the order of display of father and mother. Default is father to the left.
  • A new visitor_access=no parameter in the .gwf file prevents access to the base to anyone but friends and wizards.
  • The lexicon supports an alias mechanism allowing for several names for the same set of translations.
  • Access to the server without supplying a base name opens index.txt which allows capture of the base name. A list of available bases is provided.
Is only one base exists, its welcome page is directly opened.
  • Homonyms lists are expanded, including parents and spouses names to facilitate identification.
  • In the authentication files for wizards and friends, username can be expanded into username|userkey where userkey is first_name.ocurence.surname of the user in this base. This will allows direct creation of url that take into account visitor's data (for instance a path between him and the visited person).