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GeneWeb distribution are available as compressed .tar, .gz or .zip archive files (or as an installer for some Windows releases). The archives can be uncompressed into a folder whose structure is as follows (remember that the bases folder can be moved anywhere):

    • directory geneweb-distribution: the folder containing the GeneWeb distribution
      • directory bases: default location for databases (see the bases section for a complete description of bases folder)
      • directory gw
        • directory etc: files of templates
          • file template_x.txt (multiple templates for capture and display of data)
          • directory css: for css styles
          • directory js: for JavaSrcipt programs
          • directory modules: for personnalisation modules
          • directory folders for additional styles of template
          • file robots.txt !! contains “User-Agent: * Disallow: /” ? !!
        • directory images: icons used by gwd
        • directory lang: language files used in template construction such as lexicons and starts file
          • file alias_lg.txt
          • file lex_utf8.txt utf_8 version of the lexicon
          • file lexicon_perso.txt private lexicon supplementing lex_utf8 (see -add_lexicon in gwd)
        • directory setup: gwsetup template files
        • file a.gwf: standard version for the configuration parameters of a base
        • alt exe consang: tool to calculate consanguinity
        • file ged2gwb, ged2gwb2, gwb2ged: base creation and extraction with GED format
        • alt exe gwc, gwc2, gwu: gwc to create a base, gwu to extract a .gw archive file
        • alt exe gwd: the main GeneWeb server
        • file gwd.arg: static execution parameters for gwd
        • file gwd.log: execution traces for gwd (as specified at gwd launch)
        • file gwd.xlc: black list to exclude access to specific web domain or users.
        • alt exe gwsetup: auxiliary server for base management
        • file only.txt: access restriction for gwsetup
        • file tags.txt: list of authorized HTML tags
        • alt exe update_nldb: update the internal links between notes and pages
      • file CHANGES.txt: changelog
      • script file geneweb: launch gwsetup, gwd and START.html page
      • script file gwd: minimal launch script for gwd
      • script file gwsetup: minimal launch script for gwsetup
      • file LICENSE.txt
      • file LIZEZMOI.txt
      • file README.txt
      • file START.htm : a minimal start page (assumes that gwd and gwsetup have been started)

geneweb and gwd script files have .bat extension on Windows and .command extension on macOS.

Note also that the minimal gwd start script provided in this distribution folder installs a bases folder in the distribution folder itself. You may keep this organisation or choose to maintain a separate folder (as shown in bases) which facilitates the installation of new revisions of GeneWeb (all local modifications stay untouched).

You may also rename the main folder to any name of your choice, but don't forget to use the same name if you use CGI mode in the cgi-bin/ launch script and the gw link to the style and JavaScript files at the web_root.