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templm uses specific configuration variables that must be added in /bases/base.gwf :


Description of the variables

Style sheets

  • css= default CSS, grey background (css.css).
  • css=1 contrasted CSS, black background (css1.css).

Birth/death symbols

Allow to change default symbols for births and deaths, respectively “°” and “†”, with another character.

  • birth_symbol=
  • death_symbol=


Loads lists of preexisting data in the base when entering new data on forms.

  • datalist_xx= does nothing.
  • datalist_xx=1 loads the whole list at once.
  • datalist_xx=2 loads a sub-list after typing their characters

Available lists:

  • datalist_fn= first names.
  • datalist_sn= surnames.
  • datalist_place= places.
  • datalist_src= sources.
  • datalist_occu= occupation.

Age computation

On a personal page, display the age of parents at birth, and the age of the person for each other events.

  • event_age=yes

jquery functions

If jquery is active, the number of ancestors, implexes and descendants will be displayed. This also activates automatic locations, professions, sources and witness lookup in personal and family update forms.

  • jquery=yes

Shortest path

Deactivate “shortest path” links in statistics if more than n dates.

  • max_dates=n

Number of generations

Number of generations displayed in the “Descendants” of a personal page. If maxlev is greater than 1, then great-grandparents are displayed in the Ascendants section.

  • maxlev=2 Show two generations.

Display the wiki link

Display the wiki link [[first_name/patronyme/0/First_name SURNAME]] and the various ways a person is called at the bottom of his page.

  • misc=surname

Move the marriage comment

On the family form, if there is a comment for “married/not married/engaged/no mention” section, then the comment is automaticaly moved to the corresponding event.

  • move_comment=yes

Surname display

Converts automatically “first_name” to “First_name” and “particles surname” to “particles SURNAME” in the data capture forms (doesn’t work for aliases of first names and surnames).

  • uppercase=yes
Warning: multiple first names with hyphens are not correctly treated at the present time (marie claude becomes Marie Claude, but marie-claude becomes Marie-claude!).

Add particles

Add particles to the already defined particles “af, av, d, dal, de, den, des, di, du, of, und, van, vor, zu et zur”.

  • particles="AF","AV","D","DAL","DE","DEN","DES","DI","DU","OF","UND","VAN","VON","ZU","ZUR","PARTICLE","PARTICLE2"…
Warning: add new particles after the existing list, the particles are defined without spaces and in capitals (they'll end in lowercase one day!).

Link to gwsetup

Display a ling to gwsetup on personal pages.

  • setup_link=yes

gwsetup port number

Provides a URL to gwsetup with the appropriate value of the -p parameter. Default is localhost:2316.

  • setup_http=

Show flags

Show flags in the upper right menu.

  • show_flag=yes show all flags.

Path to .js and .css files

Allow to specify the static path of javascript and css files for an installation in CGI mode when no .htaccess is used. See details in CGI#Connecting_style_files

Number of columns for display

Alters display of personal pages:

  • wide=yes single column display (÷)
  • wide=no two columns display (·|·).

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