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If the base.gwf parameter authorized_wizards_notes= is set to yes, each wizard, whose list is known through the password file specified with the wizard_passwd_file=file_name.auth parameter, may create, at his convenience, a page where his profile, activities and interests are described. The format for such a page is unconstrained HTML, augmented with the wiki syntax available in the context of GeneWeb.

The list of such pages is accessible from the welcome page footer m=WIZNOTES and is displayed by default in alphabetic order m=WIZNOTES;o=A. This order is governed by the syntax provided in the password file. Alternatively, the chronological sorting of the list can be obtained with m=WIZNOTES;o=H. At the end of the alphabetical list will appear the list of former wizards whose page is still available in the base.

Each wizard page can be displayed with the command m=WIZNOTES;f=wizard_name, and its HTML source displayed (to wizards only) with the command m=VIEW_WIZNOTES;v=0;f=wizard_name.

A wizard may modify his own page with the command m=MOD_WIZNOTES;v=0;f=wizard_name.

At the bottom of each returned page, GeneWeb (with its current templates) return, among other things, the current number of connections to the base, including those by wizards. The number of wizards is clickable (m=CONN_WIZ), and returns a page containing the list of wizards currently connected. Clicking on the wizard name connects to his wizard page, and clicking on the (*) next to his name returns the history of modifications performed by this wizard (m=HIST;k=20;wiz=henri). Each wizard has the possibility of removing himself from the list by clicking at the specified place (m=CHANGE_WIZ_VIS;v=0). His name will appear at the bottom of the list with a circle rather than a bullet, allowing him to revert the invisibility option, but will become invisible to others.

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